“Yes!”- Three letter word that has you bouncing off the walls in joy. No matter if you have been waiting the last two years to hear it oryour whole life to say it; it means that your wedding day is finally coming! This day is the one day in your life that will have you bursting in incomparable happiness. Although the planning aspect may seem to be a tad overwhelming, you want every single part to the tiniest detail to be well thought out and delivered right.

You might have read in Modern Bride or Elegant Bride magazines, that Puerto Vallarta was ranked among the top 5 most desirable locations to get married away from home. It has become the perfect setting and a favorite spot to make a wedding unique and unforgettable. Whether you are looking for a simple, naturally romantic wedding on the beach, to an elegant and sophisticated ceremony at a private villa, we can help make those dreams become a reality! Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer from the mountains of the Sierra Madre to the miles of beautiful coastline with turquoise and emerald waters. It is rich in culture and traditions giving it that charm of a small Mexican town, making it the perfect setting for Love!