About Us

About Us

PV Event Group has been around in Puerto Vallarta for over 15 years, helping thousands of travelers, spring breakers, and future brides and grooms. We offer only the best services that the city has to offer in hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, day tours, wedding, and VIP services.

Whether you are visiting Puerto Vallarta for an incentive trip, a wedding, spring break, or vacation, PV Event Group is on-site to cater to your every need. Puerto Vallarta offers an incredible variety of activities and excursions. It has something for everyone, whether it is a drive out to Sayulita for a day of surfing, an afternoon of whale watching, a sunset boat cruise, a Jeep Safari tour to El Eden or a shopping tour around Old Town with hundreds of merchants and street vendors. Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta has evolved over the years, creating clubs that compare with the likes of Acapulco, Miami, or Los Angeles.

One of our main focuses is hosting the thousands of students who come to PV each year. We host a variety of activities, parties, and excursions for everyone to enjoy. When partying with us you are privvy to the best clubs, special discounts, and cover offers. Our bilingual staff is on-site 24 hours a day to make sure that the students’ experiences are nothing but memorable and that they return safe and sound.

We work in conjunction with a variety of businesses dealing in Puerto Vallarta; including distribution of Rockstar Energy Drink, DVDNow DVD rental units installed in hotels, and an outdoor media company that provides more than just great advertising media.

PV Event Group also works with two United States-based companies: AB Construction Company located in Lafayette, CA, and UWrap, a specialized wrapping paper company serving major colleges and universities.

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