About Puerto Vallarta

Once named The Friendliest City in the World and situated along the Bay of Banderas, just hours away from the city of Guadalajara, Las Peñas (as the city was formerly known) evolved from a quiet fishing village into a genuine beach destination. Amazingly, it has managed to maintain its heart and soul as a homely and traditional Mexican town; down to the cobblestone streets and the main square. The city, embraced by the lush tropical jungle of the Sierra Madre Mountains, has been the perfect destination (since the 1960’s) for those who seek to get the best out of their vacation. It offers relaxation, adventure, luxury, charm, nature, entertainment and lately an outstanding nightlife…

The Sierra Madre Mountains, and its natural beauty of thick green jungle, frame the 42 miles of coastline of the bay making it one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. The Bahia de Banderas is the largest natural bay in Mexico; its home to a variety of marine life including the magnificent humpback whales that migrate to the area to breed from December to April, as well as dolphins that are spotted year-round throughout the bay.

Puerto Vallarta has a climate somewhat similar to that of Hawaii and the tropics, with practically perfect weather during the dry season between November and April. During this time in Puerto Vallarta you can expect clear, sunny skies with temperatures ranging from 70º- 80º F. Heavy rainfall and elevated humidity are a staple for the months of July and August, making it the worst out of the rain season which lasts from mid-June to mid-October.

During the last 30 years, a noticeable change has developed in the city’s night scene. The demand for nightly entertainment exploded when the Spring Break tourism discovered a new promise land of diversion. Ever since the nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta became not only  a second home to thousands of spring breakers that migrated yearly to the city but also an important source of income for many local families. This is why this industry has grown in size and strength; making the scene in PV highly competent in comparison to that in other major cities around the world. The beauty and modernism of these amusing temples of entertainment are quite the sight. Chic rooftops, new HD LED dance floors and the latest in all music genres are making more and more club lovers dance their way to the sunrise in PV.

But before becoming the attractive and innovative city that it is today, Puerto Vallarta with its charms of small village, enamored film director John Huston, who turned this paradise into the setting for his film in 1964, The Night of the Iguana. The beaches in Vallarta would not only be the stage for the film, but also for a greatly commented love affair between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who made this town for ever known as an astonishingly romantic getaway. Burton purchased a home in the hills, just above the downtown area, and gave it to Elizabeth. They named the house Casa Kimberly; nowadays it operates as a Bed and Breakfast and exhibits some of the original furniture and decoration. Casa Kimberly is a romantic icon of the city, and it’s often visited by tourists.

Since the 1960’s, the city has appeared in numerous TV series, and movies. In The Love Boat it was often mentioned as a port of call, and in 1987 the jungle hosted the characters for the movie Predator, as they endured the weather while filming the scenes in the hills behind Mismaloya.

Due to the increasing popularity of the city more and more activities and adventures became available to travelers. Puerto Vallarta is now recognized for its immense variety of outdoor excursions that go from visiting the lovely Botanical Gardens, to driving ATV’s across streams and on dirt roads off the side of the mountains, to rappelling down waterfalls and zip-lining from hill to hill hundreds of meters above the mountain rivers. Nature becomes the host to some of the most memorable moments in the lives of the people that venture into the sea to snorkel or scuba, or the people that presence the majestic humpback whales splashing around the bay. This is the place where there truly is, something for everyone.

PV is also known for its award-winning restaurants that specialize in International and Mexican cuisine.  Whether you choose to dine at a family-run taco stand, or an acclaimed Five Star Diamond restaurant you are destined to delight your palette with vibrant and exotic flavors that will shake you to the core. Undeniably, tasting Puerto Vallarta will be one of the brightest highlights of your stay.

Among other activities that are available to you in Puerto Vallarta are Spa Treatments, Art Walks, shopping or bargaining at the flea market, sailing, golf, or exploring the surrounding towns, you name it. There are thousands of reasons why you should visit Puerto Vallarta, but most importantly because you are destined to fall in love with it.